California State Payroll Tax Information

2024 California payroll taxes are updated to reflect 2024 state income tax rates and limits.

Federal Payroll Tax Information

Federal Payroll taxes are updated to reflect 2024 federal income tax and payroll tax rates and limits.

California Paycheck and Payroll Calculator

Free Paycheck Calculator to calculate net amount and payroll taxes from a gross paycheck amount. Paycheck Calculator is a great payroll calculation tool that can be used to compare net pay amounts (after payroll taxes) in different states. Some states have no income taxes (such as Alaska, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Washington), while other states (California, New York) have a high state income on employee earnings, resulting in smaller net paycheck amounts. Using the payroll calculator you can compare how your base salary translates into net earnings (after tax) in the state of your employment. In case of considering a job in a different state you can compare how much you will make after taxes in that state.

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About California Paycheck Calculator

Featured 2024 paycheck calculator will calculate applicable payroll taxes - federal, state, medicare, social security, state disability insurance and state unemployment insurance. As an informational resource for business owners and payroll specialists, this website provides current rates for payroll taxes, including CA state and federal income withholdings, in addition to accurate paycheck calculation.

For payroll professionals and accountants this website provides information on current payroll taxes and useful links to payroll software, direct deposit, checks, forms and tax information resources.

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